Port de maó

La mola

The Isabel II fortress, known as La Mola, is one of the finest examples of military architecture from the 19th century. It was built between 1850 and 1875, after Mahon Harbour was established as a major maritime link between the British Gibraltar/India routes and the French routes between France and Algeria. Amidst fears of another possible occupation of Menorca, and with no fortifications following the demolition of the Saint Philip’s Castle, the building of the Isabel II fortress began. Located at La Mola in Mahon Harbour, it was constructed over the foundations of the “the Queen Anne Fortress”, an old fortification from the last British occupation of the island (1798-1802).

The fortress dominates the harbour, with architecture that blends with both the sea and the landscape. Its sheer size is instantly breath taking. On visiting it, you can view the magnificent architecture as you walk through the different defence areas, wonder at the perfect stonemasonry, the spiral staircases, gargoyles and shields. Many visiting architects have particularly admired the groin vaults in the casemates. By Punta de s’Esperó, the most easterly point of Menorca, lie the impressive Vickers cannons, armed between 1935 and 1936.

Visitors can view the fortress on their own or with the use of audio guides. The Interpretation Centre at the main entrance has a shop, exhibition, audio visual material and rest areas. There are electric vehicles available for rental to explore the area. Nowadays the fortress is a versatile space that is used for all sorts of events, ranging from weddings, parties and cultural events.

La Mola is recognised as an area of Special Protection for Birds (declared LIC and ZEPA areas), meaning that its natural and landscape values are very important. La Mola is also famous for one of the largest crops of chamomile growing on the island, and it boasts the largest colony of the indigenous Balearic Shearwater bird.


You can reserve activities such as the Sunset and Night Tour visit, or the famous Hall Scape, where visitors take part to solve mysteries that are posed.
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